Ray Dunnison

Photographic Image was established in 1991 by renowned 4-Time Nationally Accredited and Award Winning Photographic Artist, Ray Dunnison. As a Member of the Professional Photographers of Canada,Ray has received Provincial, National and International recognition for his outstanding images. In 2006 he was awarded his C.P.A. designation (Craftsman of Photographic Arts) from the P.P.O.C.

Ray was born, raised and educated in Saskatchewan and has been active in the Photographic industry for over 20 years. Having graduated from Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology as a Certified Photographic Technician (CPT) he continues to utilize new methods and technologies in his work. His creative abilities have been highlighted in several publications and appeared on various television programs.

His expertise in Photographic Lighting, Camera Operation, Set Design and working closely with the client allows him to consistently produce creative Images with impact and trademark quality.